17 'West Wing' Guest Stars That Helped Make The Show Unforgettable, From Taye Diggs to Connie Britton

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As a viewer, one of the best things about long-running TV shows is getting to know the series' cast. Episode after episode, you get deeper acquainted with the show's stars, and by the end of its run, they can't help but feel like family. Such was the case for The West Wing , which ran for seven seasons on NBC, and featured a huge ensemble of stars like Rob Lowe and Allison Janney. Yet, in addition to the main cast, it also featured a rotating group of guest stars, many of which have turned into A-list celebs.

From Taye Diggs to Connie Britton, the guest stars of The West Wing filled out season after season, and made every episode a pleasant surprise. Read on to revisit 17 appearances you won't want to miss.

Image: Warner Bros. Television

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