Coconut Oil Can Cause Pimples Because Even Superwoman Products Have Their Tragic Flaws

Coconut oil became the new superfood/face wash/immortality elixir/nectar of the gods this year, but its almighty status might have a small blemish. According to All You, coconut oil can cause pimples to worsen instead of clear them up. When used as a face wash, things are likely to get, well, greasy.

While coconut oil clears skin for some, it's also high on's list of comedogenics (pore-clogging agents). And obviously, pore cloggers equal pimples. So, for those already prone to acne, washing and moisturizing your face with coconut oil has a pretty solid chance of tragically making your skin worse. Excuse me while I cry for a moment.

But wait, there's hope y'all! If you're acne-prone like me but dying to jump on the coconut bandwagon, you can still totally work it into your beauty routine. Coconut oil makes an excellent eye-make up remover, but make sure to wash your face well after using it. Additionally, if you're having issues, switching from a lower grade to extra virgin coconut oil could make all the difference for your face.

But if you find that you're still breaking out, check out these 7 alternatives to coconut oil that are way less likely to cause your pores. You officially have no reason not to glow!

Image: blackday/Fotolia