What Is The Offspring Planning On 'Extant'? Molly's Son Might Be Creating An Alien Army

Halle Berry's event series is back, and it's not the same complicated alien space outing you remember. Season 2 of Extant definitely still has a lot to do with other worldly life forms, government corruption and just plain thrilling moments, but it's much more grounded, quicker, and more purposeful than its first season. And thank goodness too because now they've upped the excitement to make an event series worthy of that title. The episode begins and ends with the Offspring, Molly's alien baby, as he is discovered on the street and seemingly dies. But clearly we know that can't be the end for him, as at the end we see a man taking a woman home from a club with him and his eyes turn orange as if the Offspring used him as a host. So what is the Offspring planning?

For those of you who have never watched Extant, fell behind in Season 1 or were avid fans from the beginning, Season 2 will be an easy place to pick back up or start anew. The Season 2 premiere begins with a quick refresher of what previously happened — Molly Woods goes to space, gets pregnant and has an alien baby, government conspiracy ensues, her robot baby saves her from her alien baby, etc. — but then immediately shifts gears to giving us a fast-paced fascinating twist on the series that at times gets a bit too crime of the week with the addition of Jeffrey Dean Morgan's new cop JD Richter, but is overall a welcomed spin on the series. And while Molly won't be going into space anytime soon, aliens and space comes home to her as the Offspring makes its plans to create more of himself.

It looks as though the Offspring is hoping to create more and more alien babies as suggested by the recent string of murders of women whose stomachs have "exploded" as one character puts it in the Season 2 premiere. Molly, while stuck in a mental institution after her husband passes away, realizes that these women were pregnant before they died, which means their babies up and tore their way out of their mothers' wombs. It's likely that the Offspring is mating with these women to repopulate his alien form.

Now the real question is whether the Offspring is just trying to sustain his kind or if he's trying to create an army. In Season 1 he tells Molly that his kind has to come to Earth so they can survive, but she and Ethan ruin those plans by blowing up the space station the Seraphim where the alien spores were located. So this could just be the Offspring's new way to keep his species intact. Or it's also entirely possible that he's creating himself an alien army now that the humans have betrayed and attacked him. Maybe now his focus is just to create as many of his own kind as possible to start a war the humans cannot win on their own. Thus the government's desire to use the Humanichs as weapons. Only time will tell the Offspring's plans, but there's no way his plans aren't at least somewhat nefarious.

Images: Screenshot/CBS