How Does A Relationship Change Over Time?

Like your computer software or some of the more interesting Pokemon, your romantic relationship is constantly evolving. That said, things between you and bae are liable to look a little different before and after you get comfortable. How does a relationship change over time? For starters, you probably won’t bother putting pants on once you’ve passed the “we’re happily stuck with each other” mark.

It’s entirely natural! When you’re in the glorious period of getting to really know someone, you’re constantly top and tails, freakum dress on, ready to bone at any hour of the day. Dates are proper, hours-long affairs, and disgustingly romantic gestures are par for the course. But as an OG couple, your new grooming motto will likely be “whatever, I’ll shower tomorrow.” Dates with pad thai and some streaming TV will be the new dinner and a movie. Also, your collective libido has probably chilled out considerably. Is this a bad thing? Heavens, no! It just means that your love has matured into a fine vintage wine of unconditional acceptance.

How does love change from honeymoon stage to "old married couple" status? We've counted the ways in the following handy-dandy chart. We’ve teamed up with FYI's The Seven Year Switch to illustrate what love looks like in a new relationship versus an OG couple.

FYI’s Seven-Year Switch premieres Tuesday, July 7 at 9 p.m. ET.

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Graphic: Lindsay Johnson / Bustle