Where To Buy Beyonce's Rainbow Swimsuit For Her 7/11 x Gay Marriage Instagram Video, Because It's Absolutely Perfect

After the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, celebrities (as well as the rest of the country) rallied behind the ruling, sharing their support of equality using #LoveWins across social media. Of course, Queen Bey topped everyone else by sharing a "7/11" remake in support of gay marriage on Instagram. If you were wondering where to buy Beyonce's rainbow swimsuit from her "7/11" Instagram video, look no further.

In the video, Beyonce dances and lip syncs to "7/11" in a variety of colorful outfits, including a rainbow bikini (because, duh, she's Beyonce), a girl power jersey, and a sexy Malibu one-piece bathing suit. Naturally, her looks would not be complete without a diamond-incrusted track jacket, colorful wigs and a rainbow cape. In every frame, Queen Bey looks as flawless as she did in the last, and it's even better because she's supporting such an important cause.

Although you might not have Bey's dance moves, you can show your support by rocking some Beyonce-inspired ensembles, because you know you want to strut around the beach in rainbow bikini and you would totally rock that rainbow cape (that might be an art and crafts project though).

You can get Beyonce's "7/11" remake look with these key pieces.

The Rainbow Bikini

WILDFOX Rainbow Reversible Bikini, $77, Shop-Souvenir

Get Beyonce's opening look with this Wildfox bikini.

The Girl Power Jersey

Girl Power Jersey Combo, $84, Vfiles

Copy Beyonce's look completely with the exact girl power jersey she rocked in her "7/11" vid.

The Malibu One Piece

Malibu Sunscreen 80s One Piece, $132, Wildfox

You can buy the same exact Malibu one-piece as Beyonce, so what are you waiting for?

The Printed Sweatshirt

Dreams Come True V-Neck Baggy Beach Jumper, $98, Wildfox

This cozy sweatshirt is comfortable enough to dance in. Just ask Beyonce.

The Rainbow Baseball Cap

Luxury Divas Bright Rainbow Striped Baseball Cap Hat, $9, Amazon

Hats off to #LoveWins with this rainbow baseball cap.

The Gay Pride Shirt

VFILES Been Trill Gay Pride T-Shirt, $50, Vfiles

Show your explicit support just like Queen Bey with the same shirt Beyonce wears in the video.

Images: Beyonce/Instagram, Shop Souvenir, Wildfox (2), VFILES (2), Amazon