'Teen Vogue' Picks Next Generation Models Who Are Insanely Beautiful And Not White

Let's offer a rousing round of kudos for Teen Vogue. For the cover of its August 2015 issue, the publication selected three models of the future, deeming them "Fashion's New Faces," and none of the Teen Vogue "next generation" models are white, signifying that there is more diversity to come on the runway, in ads, and in fashion. That rules, from top to bottom, front to back!

This hearty endorsement from a fashion bible is pretty damn important! Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne, and Bella Hadid are currently serving as the new crop of supermodels. While they are all beyond beautiful, are everywhere, and lead fabulous lives that they share on Instagram and social media, they are all white.

So Teen Vogue pointing to a new breed of up 'n' comers that are of different and diverse backgrounds is a really beautiful thing that deserves recognition.

So who are these faces that Teen Vogue has selected as ones we need to know and to keep our eyes on in the future? Let's have a look, shall we?

They are Aya Jones, who is of a French-Ivorian background; Lineisy Montero, who is of Dominican origin; and Imaan Hammam, who is half-Egyptian and half-Moroccan.

They are all decked out in denim and they offer smoldering stares. No smiles. Just pure, unfettered beauty. This is one of those cases where you are blown away by beauty.

Oh, and one other thing! Jones, Montero, and Hammam have earned this cover with their efforts and hard work. It's not a matter of Teen Vogue plucking them from obscurity.

They are already killing it in their individual careers. Jones (pictured below) has already strutted down 47 (!!!) runways; Montero got her start walking for Prada, which is not something often done by black models, according to Teen Vogue; and Hammam has done a Givenchy campaign.


The lack of diversity is often a criticism in the fashion world. But if magazines like Teen Vogue continue to scope out and champion new talent of different ethnicities, like they did for the August 2015 cover, the future is looking really, really good!

Images: Teen Vogue (1); Getty (1)