The Science Of Robberies, The New Death Clock, And More Surprising Studies

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This is exactly what science is for: to understand exactly why burglars stole your heater, but left your stereo intact. In a recent University of North Carolina study, researchers awkwardly interviewed 400 burglars, both male and female. What was your primary motivation, they asked, for all of that stealing? Ninety percent of robbers said they had been after drugs or after cash to buy drugs, and were typically high or drunk at the time. Meaning that we don't have to rethink our stereotypes about burglars anytime soon: Science says they're not trying to, say, feed their family.

More importantly, what red flags will stop a burglar from breaking into your home? Well, surveillance cameras, and any type of security presence, replied the burglars. Also dogs. For more of the week's most surprising studies, read on...

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