Jessica Simpson & Daughter Maxwell Drew Are Twinning Thanks To Their Perfect Golden Hair

Jessica Simpson isn't twinning with her little sister Ashlee, although that wouldn't be a bad thing. The sisters have opposite styles, with Jess favoring girly stuff and Ash leaning towards edgy and rock 'n' roll. So a mashup would be fun. Instead, Jessica Simpson and her daughter Maxwell Drew are twinning, thanks to their long, golden tendrils.

The singer/actress/reality show star/billion dollar designer, who is pretty much a mega multi-hyphenate, posted a family photo on her Instagram. She is proud, understandably so, of her super blonde crew.

Her towheaded son Ace Knute just turned 2 and while he shares mom's shock of golden hair, it's Maxwell, who is 3, who mirrors mommy's strands the most.

In the pic, Simpson is cradling Max in her arms. The little girl's hair falls in waves, just like mom's! But she veers off in her own style direction with a crowd of braids. So, so cute.

Who says you can't have really good hair when you are seriously single digits in age?

For her part, Simpson's hair is much longer than usual. It hangs to her waist and she's likely getting a little boost from extensions.

This is not their sole twinning moment, but it is the most recent.

That's some hair to envy!

Here's are few other times that Max and Mama were twinsies with their tendrils.

A simple, black and white shot of mother and daughter.

Casual cuddle time!

Simpson doesn't even need to be in this pic. Maxi is so her mini-me.

Okay, okay. So here's Jess twinning with Ash. Staring at all that blonde hair might cause you to go snowblind for a hot second.

The Simpson family is so flaxen-haired. They are a clinic in how to do big and blonde, without looking dated.

Images: Jessica Simpson/Instagram (4)