Is It Still Cool To Change Your FB Pic To Rainbow?

It seemed like most of the U.S. lit up into one giant rainbow flag following last Friday's Supreme Court decision that made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states. To show support for marriage equality and to celebrate Pride week, corporations and organizations changed their logos to look like a rainbow flag, and droves of Facebook users changed their profile pictures to rainbow flags. Far and wide of Facebook we could see our friends' photos overlaid with a translucent rainbow flag, courtesy of a photo-editing tool created by Facebook for just this special event. Millions of people changed their photos right away after hearing the SCOTUS decision, but some of us have been late to the game, and are wondering if we can still change our profile photo? Or have we missed the rainbow flag boat?

As of Monday, over 26 million Facebook users changed their profile picture using the Celebrate Pride photo-editing tool, including Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerburg, according to the Washington Post. Clearly the profile picture change was a popular option, but not everyone who was also feeling the love decided to change their profile. The tool is still available for us to change our photos, but would it be sort of passé at this point? What on earth are we to do if we haven't changed our picture yet?! For all of us who haven't changed our profile pics yet, this is what has been going through our minds the last several days.


Woooo! I'm gonna party!

Wait. What Has Happened To Facebook?

I've logged back in and everything looks.... different.

Dammit! I Missed Out Another Cool Thing!

How am I always behind the curve with this stuff?

Quick Search To See If Celebrate Pride Is Still Available....

YES! OK, good. I can fix this!

I Don't Even Care That I'm Late To The Game. Gimme The Rainbow!

It's never too late to show our LGBTQ love, after all.

Somebody Is Looking FABULOUS!

It's me. I look fabulous.

All is well that ends well. The tool is still out there, so go ahead and change your photo if you are in the mood and feeling the love. And for that matter, keep it up for as long as you like! Everyone looks awesome in rainbow.

Images: Giphy (5), Elizabeth King