BFFs Make OkCupid Dating Profiles For Each Other

I once made a fake OkCupid profile for a friend. In the interest of full disclosure, we were drunk, and neither of us had ever used online dating before. And I photoshopped her face onto a picture of Kim Kardashian took from behind, looking over her shoulder. So that should give you some idea of how much we could barely even see what we were doing through our tears of laughter. BuzzFeed got BFFs to make OkCupid profiles for one another, except they did it in a serious way, not in the insane, immature, idiotic way that I did. (Although my Kim-friend hybrid got a lot of immediate responses from guys wanting to have sex.)

Your best friend knows you best, right? And you're probably more likely to be self-depreciating and not play to your strengths when writing your own profile, so having someone with your best interests boldly at heart is a great way to go about setting up an online dating profile. As one of the friends who had a profile made for him points out, his friend was able to be more honest about him in the profile than he was able to be about himself, which is quite heartwarming, in a way.

Watch the friends make profiles below:

If you're now considering letting your friend make you an online dating profile, here are some good reasons why that might be a good idea:

1. They know you well

2. They want you to be happy

3. They'll be honest about you

4. And more open to portraying you as wonderful than you might be yourself

Can't wait for the follow up on BFFs swiping for each other on Tinder.

Images: Youtube(2); Giphy(4)