13 Things That Will Make A Sagittarius Smile

Fire signs are tricky. For example, dating a Sagittarius can be cool because we love pretty fiercely (translate that as you will). However, we also have a penchant for being so blunt that more sensitive signs might consider it brutally honest, or even mean. Sorry not sorry, life is short and I don't see the point in beating around the bush. Although we, like everyone else, have our fair share of negative traits (like getting bored easily), there are secret ways to get a Sagittarius to smile.

We're optimistic folks and have super huge ambition so chances are, if we're smiling, it's self-instigated. Or because we just had sex outdoors—a thing apparently we're famous for? Anyway. Unfortunately it's not as easy as sending flowers or shooting over a cutesy text message. We're probably too busy chasing personal goals to really wanna pause and sign off to receive some cliche bundle of roses, to be real. That kind of effort will just make us roll our eyes and possibly resent you for the time lost, since we're kinda not wild fans of that mushy stuff. Call us emotionless if you must, but it's more like we don't toss around feelings for the hell of it. We are highly selective of who we let in, but once someone's there, we're gonna hang on tight. Situating yourself on our good side is a helpful start to getting in that forever zone. For starters, here's some stuff that will always make a Sagittarius smile:

Going on an exotic trip

We're pretty adventurous creatures and really value new experiences. Keep in mind, too, exotic could remain local, just as long as it's weird. Say your city boasts a flea market that specializes in taxidermy. That works. Pretend there's a nearby nature trail decorated with severed doll heads. Perfect. You get the idea.

Trying new foods

Back to that adventurous side. Sags tend to tire of routine and after a while, anything—even nachos—can get old. An easy way to delight us is to suggest hitting up a brand new Persian-Mexican fusion restaurant in town. Or better yet, order it to-go and deliver it yourself. Although traditionally Sagittariuses aren't home a whole lot (I'm a freak exception), they do appreciate the comforts of home and will probably love the juxtaposition of the two over dinner.

A wide open social calendar

Sags are quick to feel trapped and flip over it. They prefer the opportunity to be spontaneous because you never do know who will have a last-minute plus one to that dope-sounding Philippino psychedelic music documentary.

When someone asks their honest opinion

Our candor is impossible to keep down. As a result, we often end up unintentionally avoiding especially sensitive people or actively try to keep zipped lips when we're desperate to be real. When we run into folks who not only appreciate our honesty, but request it, we're ecstatic to fulfill that.

Good hygiene

We kinda don't see the appeal in third-day stumble. We also can't really stand people who only floss the day before dentist visits. It's just gross.

Thoughtful style

We might be a little superficial, but we know it.

A learning experience

We're always looking for the lesson buried in life's trials. Optimism drives us to keep digger until we find something tangible after navigating an emotional or trying period. In addition, we are usually poking around to see if we can find affordable Spanish lessons or reading up on the history of film noir in our free time. We dig knowledge, big time.

Being outdoors

We're pretty bad at sitting still and feel immediately more zen when in nature.

Subtle humor

We like when people show signs of intelligence and thoughtfulness. This is a perfect union of the two.

Surprise treats

OK, this might work for all signs, TBH, but Sagittarius definitely adore surprises (good ones, at least).

Visiting the library

Reading helps us de-stress. Plus, that learning thing.

Independent partners

We are super opposed to clingy S.O. Give us a boo with their own swagger and we'll keep swooning.

Conversation with very different people

Our views aren't easily threatened by possibly opposing ones. We really dig the idea of learning other angles to see what kind of lessons we can scoop from them.

Images: justine-reyes/Flickr; Giphy(13)