This Bestselling Author Is Writing A Cookbook

With 17 bestselling novels already under her belt, you would think that she could rest on her laurels, but Jane Green is publishing a new cookbook called Good Tastewhich shows that this author is definitely still following her passions. Green will self-publish her first ever cookbook with the help of funding from her Kickstarter page. Anyone who donates $25 or more will receive a limited edition copy of Good Taste from the first print run.

The author of Jemima J , Mr. Maybe , Bookends , and June 2015's Summer Secrets wrote on her Kickstarter page that publishing a cookbook has long been one of her passion projects:

Food, and the feeding of people I love, is a passion of mine. I’ve shared recipes on social media, in my books, and in my newsletters throughout the years, and have fed most of the people who have dared set foot in my kitchen. Cooking has always been a huge source of joy, comfort, and inspiration for me. I love cookbooks and have spent countless hours reading them, thinking about them, and obviously cooking from their pages. Deep down I always fantasized about writing my own.

Green is a semi-trained cook, as she completed part one of the culinary arts program at the French Culinary Institute in New York. A peek into Good Taste shows recipes ranging from French onion soup and braised short ribs to vegan spinach quiche and pumpkin gingerbread trifle, which I insist someone brings to this year's Friendsgiving gathering.

When asked why Green turned to Kickstarter to fund part of her cookbook project, she told Publishers Weekly that she wanted to give her fans a cookbook, but only if they wanted it:

I honestly didn't know if the readers of my novels would be interested in a cookbook by me, and rather than go to a publisher and hope they might offer me a deal, I decided to go directly to my readers and see if they actually did want it. If there weren't enough people to reimburse the expenses I have already incurred in bringing this book to market, then I would know that the cookbook wasn't valid, and no-one would have lost money, apart from me.

Just think: Now you can enjoy your favorite Jane Green beach read while eating a fresh summer recipe by the author herself. There should really be no other way to read.