These 5 Breakfast Hacks Will Help You to Start Your Morning Off Right, Even If You're Short on Time

I always have really high expectations for my mornings, but find that I consistently hit snooze so many times that I'm running out the door with an empty stomach. But Cosmopolitan's breakfast hacks video might mean my days of relying on coffee shops for my first meal of the day are behind me.

I personally really enjoy cooking and I love how the hacks in this video give you quality food, but cut down on the usual prep time. I believe that more people would cook for themselves if they were either able to create more time in their lives or cut down on the time it takes to prepare a meal. One poll found that Americans would love to do more cooking at home, but that our culinary skills as a nation have significantly declined. I'm guessing this is probably thanks to fast food; hey, it's often easier to grab a bite on the go.

If you find yourself wanting to prepare a good breakfast for yourself in the mornings but need to find ways to do it with time efficiency, here's an overview of three of the best breakfast hacks.

1. Overnight Oats

Are you the type of person who prepares their lunch for work the night before? Well, now you can pre-prep your breakfast, too! This recipe uses a mixture of almond milk, rolled oats, flaxseed, and dried cranberries that you simply put into a mason jar and refrigerate overnight. The next morning, you will wake up to a delicious oatmeal that you can top off with fresh fruit. This recipe really couldn't be any simpler to make.

2. Easy Eggs in a Mug

If you're the type who loves a good, hearty breakfast with eggs, you'll love this recipe that makes preparing eggs easier than ever. You simply put grated cheese, eggs, and ground pepper into a mug, and cook it in your microwave.

3. Pancake Art

If you love the taste of pancakes but hate the mess, you'll love this one. For this recipe, mix together the ingredients, put your mixture into a squeeze bottle and squeeze out your favorite design on a hot skillet. Then simply cook on the stove as you would any other pancake.

If you enjoyed these breakfast hacks and want to see more, watch the full video below to learn how to make Bite Sized Bacon Bites and a Peanut Butter Banana Dog. on YouTube

Images: Cosmopolitan/YouTube