Get A Replica Of Princess Charlotte's Baptism Gown

Princess Charlotte was christened on July 5 while wearing the same christening gown that Prince George rocked to his own naming ceremony and baptism two years ago. The current royal christening gown has been used for royal babies since 2008, commissioned by the Queen and hand-stitched by her assistant Angela Kelly and Buckingham Palace's team of dressmakers as a replica of the one used in 1841 during Queen Victoria's reign, for the christenings of her own children. That particular gown was worn by 62 royal babies, including the current Queen and Prince William. But due to its fragility, it was put into storage in 2004.

Princess Charlotte, of course, looked exquisite in the intricately designed gown fit for a royal as her parents and family celebrated this monumental day — only her second appearance in public. Though it's a tad too early for us to see her personality shine through at these kinds of minimal and private occasions, I can't help but to think of all the times in the future when the Duchess and princess will be doted on for their fashion ensembles as the greatest sartorial mother/daughter team out there. So far, it's been adorable watching Kate and Prince George together, and little Charlotte added to the picture only makes things that much more precious.

Though there are no official replicas you can get your hands on of the royal christening gown, here are five gorgeous gowns to dress the newest addition of your own royal family in:

WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

1. This Ivory Gown With Lace Details And Bow

Alexandria Christening Gown, $245,

I'd be lying if I said the lace detailing and oversized bow weren't making me covet a grown-up size version of this gown.

2. This Silk Smocked Gown With Embroidery

Isabel Garreton Ivory Silk Gown, $375,

Because smock dresses = comfort and comfort = everything.

3. This Ivory Gown

Beautiful Ivory Gown, $110,

Victorian era vibes, in the best of ways.

4. This Sailor Style Christening Gown

Sarah Louise Ivory Sailor Style Gown, $150,

Because babies dressed in sailor attire is one of the cutest sights to behold.

5. This Intricately Lacey Designed Gown

Exquisite Ethereal Antique Lace, $793,

If you really want to spend some serious cash on a gown, this would be an extravagant choice.

Images: Getty Images; Courtesy Brands