Where To Buy Prince George's Outfit From Charlotte's Christening Because He Obviously Won The Day

Prince George debuted in his first major public appearance as a big brother to baby sister Princess Charlotte today, while he attended Charlotte's baptism with his royal family at Saint Mary Magdalene Church on Queen Elizabeth's Sandringham estate. And what Prince George wore to Charlotte's christening was an adorable and stylish gateway outfit for showing off his brotherly support to his little sis.

In his short two years in the public eye, we've already seen Prince George rocking some stylish toddler clothing. Outfits from his baby repertoire have arguably become trends for many baby boys, and with a stylish mother like the Duchess, his ensembles are sure to keep turning heads.

The young prince has also been known to follow in his father's footsteps and wear some of the same outfits seen on the Duke when he, too, was a baby. In June, Prince George was spotted wearing the same sky blue outfit that Prince William wore at his first appearance from the palace balcony as well.

For today's special christening event, Prince George wore a Rachel Riley-designed ensemble first donned by his father. Similar red shorts and a white top with red accents were worn by Prince William when he first met his baby brother Harry. The choice for George to be wearing this outfit on his sister's special day is not just fitting in that he looks adorable in it, but it's also perfect for the occasion, considering his duties as a big brother are something he is also learning from pops.

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Since Prince George is sporting vintage and vintage-inspired looks from his father these days, you can't buy the exact outfit for a baby boy you know. But you can pull off a similar look with these adorable pieces:

1. White And Red Shirt

Remember When White Shirt, $25, Grammies Attic

2. Bubble Shorts

Bubble Shorts, $10, Gymboree

3. Classic Mary Jane's

Dr. Marten's Tully Mary Jane, $48.95, Amazon

4. Essential Dress Socks

Knee Length Kid's Christening Socks, $8.99, Amazon

5. Smocked Bobby Suit

Smocked 2 Piece Bobby Suit, $60, Feltman Brothers

Unfortunately, this adorable set doesn't come in the brilliant red that Prince George wore today, but this baby blue is still a fantastic nod to the vintage style George is sporting as of late. And it does look a little like the outfit he wore to his first balcony appearance!

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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