Multiracial People Have Some Major Advantages

by Emma Cueto

Although looking at any given comments section might give you the opposite impression, science says that actually, the human race is getting better and better. According to a new study, humans are getting smarter and taller, and it's thanks to interracial relationships. So if you're a multiracial person, turns out you're more evolved than the rest of us. Congratulations!

In a new study from the University of Edinburgh, scientists analyzed health and genetic information from over 100 studies with over 350,000 total participants from around the world, and have concluded that people of more diverse genetic backgrounds are not only taller but tend to have better cognitive skills. So basically having a multiracial heritage makes you smarter — or at least more likely to be smart.

Researchers also theorized that genetic diversity would make people less susceptible to disease, but didn't find any connection between diverse genetic heritage and high blood pressure or cholesterol levels, which both have genetic components and are related to risk for things like heart disease. So I guess being multiracial comes with brain benefits, but not health benefits.

"Our research answers questions first posed by Darwin as to the benefits of genetic diversity," said Dr. Peter Joshi of the University of Edinburgh's Usher Institute. Essentially, the researchers believe these findings suggest that over time, human evolution is favoring increased height and cognition. And people with greater genetic diversity — which includes, though isn't strictly limited to, multiracial people — are thus more likely to exhibit those traits.

So, like I said, you are more highly evolved. It's like being the X-Men, except in real life.

So what does this mean for the future of humanity? Well, as globalization increases and human beings move around a lot more than in previous generations, more and more people from all over the world are mating with people from different countries and of different races, so more and more people born today are of diverse genetic origins. Which seems to be be good for human evolution. So comments sections aside, maybe the human race really will be OK.

Image: Giphy