The Problem With This 'White Girls' Parody

In theory, the parody of Lorde's "Royals", "White Girls" by Oh Lordy, should've been hilariously funny and on point, like many of the Robin Thicke "Blurred Lines" parodies were. However, I have to say that the title of this funny but unusually mean-spirited parody is fairly disingenuous, which is something to consider before sending it out to all your friends. Its chorus goes, "But we'll always be white girls/It's easy being us," which might be fair if the title was, say, "Rich Girls" or "Trust Fund Babies," but I don't think I'd venture so far as to say days full of Burt's Bees and smoothies are the oeuvre of every white girl.

Saying that you or someone else is white is a simple statement of race, and although there is an unfair skewing of wealth in relation to being caucasian, that doesn't mean that every single white girl can relate to a daddy who pays for a data plan and fro-yo dates with friends.

That said, the song resonates somewhat with the truth, as parodies are meant to, but I'm just not convinced that talking shit about the wealthiest 1 percent of caucasian women under the guise of talking about all caucasian women is any classier than saying all muslims wear burqas or that black people like chicken, it's all fucked up because all of these kinds of statements play into overgeneralized or just bogus conceptions of racial differences.

Using the phrase "white girl" to intimate anything beyond a girl who is caucasian furthers the issue of racial profiling that extends across all race boundaries. And no one wants that, so let's just cut stuff like this thoughtlessly titled parody out.