Everyone Has A Friend Who Is A Daenerys

Reigning over your own kingdom seems like a ton of fun in theory. But, are you prepared to deal with all of the repercussions that come with being Khalessi? If the answer is yes, then perhaps you are the Dany of your friend group. This means that you know that you are destined for greatness, and you are willing to work hard to ensure your legacy. You have a soft spot for less domesticated animals, and you can bring powerful men to their knees. If you truly are the Dany of your friend group, then you have found yourself making difficult decisions for the sake of the greater good. You stand up for what you believe in no matter what the cost, but you also seek out your friends' advice when you are unsure which road to take.

Your confidence has been hard won, and you cling to it, and your pride, when things become difficult for you. You’re a softie at heart, so you’ve found it difficult to completely turn away from people who have hurt you in the past. Your family definitely has its problems, but you are desperately trying to redefine your history. Like Daenerys, you might be a bit naive about the ways of the world, but you are always willing to try new things, and learn more about other cultures.

There are many who claim to be the Dany of their friend group, because the glitz and glamour of royalty is enticing. However, they will soon learn that it's not as easy as it looks. Here are nine signs that you might actually be Khaleesi.

1. You Don't Let Anyone Push You Around

You may have let some things slide in the past, but, now that you know who you are, you won't let anyone harm you again — especially not your family or friends.

2. You Count On Your Loved Ones To Remind You Of Your Strengths

Though you've been working hard to build your confidence, you sometimes feel unsure of yourself. Luckily, you have great friends to remind you that you are a goddess.

3. You Have A Thing For Fire

Perhaps it's in your blood, but you've always been intrigued by fire. Your friends might think you're strange, but you get strength from the flames.

4. You Believe In True Love

You believe in true love, and you won't accept anything less. Everyone around you may be cynical about relationships, but you've experienced true love and passion before, so you know that it's possible.

5. You Have A Soft Spot In Your Heart For Vicious Animals

Your friends might be obsessed with their dogs and cats, but less domesticated animals are your favorite pets.

6. You Always Stand Up For What Is Right

You don't condone intolerance, and you refuse to allow anyone else to spew hatred and bigotry either.

7. You Are Feminist

In a world full of sexism and misogyny, you stand up for women's rights, and fight for your ladies.

8. You Know Who You Are & You Refuse To Apologize

Naysayers may try to tear you down, but you know exactly who you are, so their words can't hurt you.

9. You Aren't Afraid To Get A Little Dirty

You might love regal wardrobes, but that doesn't mean that you're always prim and proper. There is a time to get down and dirty, and you're not afraid to do so when the opportunity presents itself. If any or all of this is true about you, then you're definitely the Dany in your group.

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