@ValleyRecreation420 Instagram Has The Most Impressive Blunts You Will Ever See

There are people who know how to roll a blunt, there are people who know how to roll a blunt really well, and then there's whoever is behind ValleyRecreational420. Basically the @ValleyRecreational420 Instagram is the most impressive blunt rolling you've ever seen, ever. Because if it's not I can't imagine what possibly would be. Unless you know other people who can fashion a hammerhead shark to smoke?

The account, which has amassed over 150,000 followers, is dedicated almost entirely to pictures of blunts rolled into impressive shapes. The person behind it doesn't post any personal details about themselves — no name or gender are indicated anywhere — other than to say that they are a California Prop 215 patient, Proposition 215 being the 1996 measure that first allowed medical marijuana use in California.

Whatever their reason for needing medical marijuana, I think we can safely say that they have gone above and beyond in honing their blunt rolling skills. I'm not entirely sure where someone gets the idea to make a blunt shaped like a squid or a hatchet or a spray bottle (maybe inspiration comes while smoking one of the other blunts perhaps?), but wherever the idea comes from, the end results are incredible.

Here are a few of the creations photographed on the site.


Some people smoke from a pipe, but why do that when you can construct a blunt shaped like a pipe? From now on, all other meanings of "smoke a pipe" are disappointing.

Spray Bottle

It's like you're spraying the smoke into your mouth.


It's like a smoking buddy. Who burns up.


Note the heartburn pun.


I imagine at some point your stoned brain finds great significance in the fact that the anchor is actually letting your mind float free rather than tying you down.


How many ends can you have burning at once? Let's find out!

Hammerhead Shark

This is just really freaking cool.


It's made of weed, it's launching weed, what more could you ever want?


This one is my favorite. It's so cute it almost seems a shame to smoke it. Almost.