21 Pieces Of Dainty Jewelry That Offer Striking Impact With Zero Effort

Without a doubt the most popular type of jewelry right now is dainty, delicate jewelry. Loud, gaudy accessories can be fun, but sometimes you want a piece of jewelry that whispers a statement. It's surprising how much a minimal necklace, a delicate bracelet, or a stack of extremely thin rings can elevate a simple outfit. You can even wear all of those items together without having to worry about it looking overwhelming. Not to mention, minimal jewelry instantly makes the wearer appear incredibly chic. Whether you're on a budget and want something simple for under $50 (or even under $10) or you're looking to splurge on something unique and timeless, there is a piece of minimal jewelry here for you.

A Simple Circle

This necklace is so simple and non-fussy; it will go with everything. Get in gold, too.

Necklace with Pendant, $4, H&M

A Touch of Marble

The faux marble stone is just enough detail to make this necklace seem more expensive than it is.

Faux Stone Longline Necklace, $5, Forever 21

An Unexpected Way to Wear Pearls

This gorgeous pearl ring is currently on sale!

Pearl Double Ring, $6, Zara

Simple Bar Studs

Not a fan of dangling earrings but tired of the same circle studs? Try a pair of flat bar studs for a different, minimal look.

Warehouse Bar Stud Earrings, $7, ASOS

An Eye-Catching Ring

The playful intersection of lines make this otherwise simple ring stand out.

Open Cage Ring, $11, ASOS

Minimal Arm Cuffs

Can’t decide between silver or gold, triangle or circle? Well, now you can have both (although I suggest wearing them one at a time for a truly minimal look).

Pack of 2 Open Shape Arm Cuffs, $14, ASOS

Clever Moon Studs

The clever idea behind these moon earrings is what allows them to be so minimal in appearance.

Wax-and-Wane Stud Earrings, $18, Madewell

Knotted Bracelet

The knots give some added interest to the simple gold bangle–plus the size is adjustable.

Adjustable Knotshine Bangle, $22, Madewell

A Minimal Ear Cuff

This delicate, graceful ear cuff will draw attention to your neck, jawline, and face without screaming “Look at me!”

Script Ear Climber, $28, Need Supply

You'll Be Hooked

Pardon the pun, but seriously, how addictive are these tiny hook earrings? In fact, I want to buy all the & Other Stories jewelry.

Gemstone Hook Earrings, $29, Stories

Minimal & Colorful

Just because you enjoy minimal design doesn’t mean you can’t also enjoy color.

Wood Geometric Necklace, $30, Etsy

The Perfect Accessory for Low-Cut Tops

Wear this with low-cut dresses, blouses, and even blazers for a delicate accompaniment to your decolletage.

Gold Plated Sterling Silver Triangle Necklace, $33, ASOS

Simple Bar Necklace

If the golden rule is to treat others how you would like to be treated, then you should probably buy this necklace for all of your friends too.

Golden Rule Necklace, $38, Wild Fang

Minimal Magic

This ring looks extremely complicated until it’s on your finger, at which point it magically transforms into a stack of minimal gold rings.

Looped Brass Ring, $39, Stories

Silver Circles

These earrings by RebeccaGladstone present a compelling argument for a new way to wear hoops.

Sterling Silver Circle Earrings, $45, Etsy

A Grownup Name Bracelet

This delicate bracelet by shopLUCA is possibly the most minimal and refined way to wear name jewelry. Engrave it with your own name or the name of someone you love.

Nameplate Bracelet, $59 and up, Etsy

A Minimal Crystal

If you thought crystals were cheesy or gaudy, look at this gorgeous ring and think again.

Crystal Shard Ring, $70, Need Supply

For Nature Lovers

These little twigs will keep the forest near your heart even if you’re far away.

Dart Necklace, $86, Another Feather

Initial Ring

Adorn this simple ring with your first and last initials, or the initials of your loved ones, or combine them.

Initial Wraparound Ring, $125, Baublebar

A Handmade Work of Art

The leather part of this American West-inspired necklace is hand-stitched by Californian artist Andria Crescioni.

Crescioni Kiva Collar Necklace, $227, Madewell

A Delicate Diamond

Catbird is a haven for all things minimalistic. This ring is just one example of all their amazing dainty wares.

Satomi Kawakita The Tiniest Ring White Diamond, $255, Catbirdnyc