15 Adorkable Bernie Sanders Merchandise That Are As Rad As The Senator Is Radical

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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is undoubtedly the most radical presidential candidate in the race so far, and so it should hardly come as a surprise that there's some pretty radical Bernie Sanders merchandise out there. Sanders began his bid for the Democratic nomination substantially behind Hillary Clinton, the current national front-runner, according to CNN national polling. However, the radical presidential hopeful is catching up to Clinton in states like Iowa and New Hampshire, and Sanders is fairly confident he can turn the tide.

Famous for his revolutionary stance as a democratic socialist, Sanders has attracted the attention of both students, with his promise of free college, and the elderly, with his uncompromising stance on senior care reform. While Sanders' campaign store contains pretty standard products, there's a wide range of fan-made Bernie merch available online that could appeal to both his armies of youthful supporters (read: faded Tees and clever puns), and well, less youthful supporters (read: old-fashioned clocks and social security posters).

Sanders' most endearing trait is arguably his unique refusal to be bought (yes, there's a bumper sticker with that motto), and his complete lack of shame when it comes to talking about how left-wing his views are. An attitude like that calls for some pretty radical apparel and accessories to match. Luckily for Bernie and his followers, we found a wide range of unique merch fit for his unique platform — and his unique fan base, too.

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