Malia Obama Was Spotted On The Set Of 'Girls' In Brooklyn, Officially Becoming The Coolest First Daughter Of All Time

Malia Obama — hip, chill high school student who just happens to be one of the daughters of President Barack Obama — was spotted in Brooklyn on the set of Girls. The raunchy nature of Lena Dunham's show suggests that Malia isn't there in a guest star capacity. Although, we could totally imagine Malia meeting Marnie, as Marnie tries to sing to her to see if she'll get the president to plug her album. Or maybe Malia is taking up acting, and will be playing a student at the hippy-dippy high school Hannah works at? Though based on her interests, and the pictures released by TMZ, Malia is working as a Production Intern on the show.

The First Daughter has previously worked as a Production Intern on Halle Berry's show Extant, and has expressed interest in working in Hollywood. President Obama told The New Yorker that Malia does, in fact, want to be a filmmaker. It looks like she really is serious about this dream, defying both her parents who went to law school. All the hope might be on the little one, Sasha, to go into the family business of law.

Here's a pic from Page Six of Malia in action, wearing cool jorts:

Malia is clearly a fan of Lena Dunham, and Dunham is a fan of hers too. Two years ago on Malia's birthday (which just so happens to be tomorrow!), Dunham sent out a Happy Birthday tweet:

We're looking forward to seeing the First Daughter's contributions to the show, and her future films!