Kasey Kahne Pets A Shark For Discovery Channel's 'Shark Week' & Here Are 6 Other Clips To Get You Excited For Seven Days Of Sharks — VIDEOS

Just as summer staples like pool parties and cookouts have kicked into full gear, it won't be long until we are bestowed with another annual installment of Discovery Channel's Shark Week. The first onslaught of shark-centric programming is set to premier Sunday, July 5, and I'm not the only one who is teeming with excitement. Various celebrities and public figures have enjoyed taking part in the franchise, with the latest being NASCAR's Kasey Kahne swimming with the sharks. In an exclusive video clip via Us Weekly, Kahne is impressively even-keeled before scuba-diving with a pool of toothy behemoths.

His docile manner doesn't seem to let up when he comes face-to-dorsal-fin with a variety of sharks; the race car driver is even seen petting one of the sea-dwellers with the same affection you'd expect one to give a beloved house cat. Honestly, though, the sharks seem anything but ferocious in the clip as they swim serenely past Kahne and stop for the occasional pat on the fin. If I had known sharks could be this cute, I wouldn't have had to sleep with the lights on for a week straight after my first viewing of Jaws. Kahne has a long-standing partnership with Discovery Channel's Shark Week, and "will be racing the Shark Week-branded Great Clips Chevrolet SS car for the fourth time" when the festivities kick off on July 5.

As if the above clip wasn't enough to get your properly amped for Shark Week, here are six other clips to get you ready for another seven days of toothy fun.

Hannibal Burress' Low-Budget Promo

Team Coco on YouTube

"Tanisha from sophomore year" is kicking herself right now.

Left Shark

pnthrpaw on YouTube

Otherwise known as the best dancer in the history of best dancers every, mighty Left Shark's slapstick choreography during Katy Perry's Super Bowl Halftime performance solidified the fact that sharks make everything better.

Land Shark

Enjoy this treat from the first season of Saturday Night Live. There's just something enigmatically hilarious about people dressed up in shark costumes.

Snuffy The Seal

NewsBreaker on YouTube

This viral Shark Week commercial from 2013 drew many guffaws, but also some concerns. For any of those worried about Snuffy, take solace in the fact that the seal — and voracious shark — were computer-generated.

Rob Lowe's 2014 Shark Week Promo

Never has anything been so inexplicably sexy since John Stamos entranced us with greek yogurt.

"You're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat"

If anything is going to make you choose a swimming pool over the ocean, it's this polarizing clip from the cinematic classic, Jaws.

Happy Shark Week, everyone!

Image: Giphy