Serena Williams Wimbledon Style Is Always On Point

by Jodie Layne

The Williams sisters are known just as much for their domination of the tennis game as they are for wearing amazingly outrageous and nearly haute couture outfits while they do so. Serena Williams' Wimbledon 2015 performance is showing that even her most worthy challengers are no match for her, while her style is showing that it cannot be confined by Wimbledon's strict dress code.

Williams has, in fact, been circumnavigating the tournament's old-school outfit guidelines for years. While she couldn't have worn her signature catsuit to Wimbledon; her outfits, much like her playing style, haven't been devoid of style and personality. In fact, Williams definitely ranks one of the most stylish Wimbledon stars. True style is the ability to rep your own personal aesthetic and put your own spin on things, after all. Williams has proven year after year that she definitely is a sporty style icon who can work with whatever she's got — even the most archaic dress code and a monotone color palette.

From the frivolous and colorful to the minimalist and sleek, Williams has always been on-point and racking up points at the storied tournament. Here are nine times the tennis star's style showed us who was boss without even swinging a racket:

1. When She Rocked A Mesh-Strapped Dress


Williams' first Wimbledon win took place in this oh-so-early '00s Puma dress with cheeky orange accents. Fierce and actually still fashionable.

2. When She Wore This Panel-Hemmed Dress

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Who says that performance and style have to be mutually exclusive?

3. When She Nailed It In This Cutout Dress Over Pants

Julian Finney/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Why wear one stylish piece of clothing when you can wear two? Plus, sock pompoms.

4. When She Killed It In This Layered Skirt And Hoops


In the 2007 Wimbledon tournament, Williams was totally on-trend. I'm pretty sure this double layered skirt action is Juicy Couture-inspired (it was a must-have at the time, OK?) and these beaded hoops were so J.Lo.

5. When She Accepted Her Prize In This White Trench


A shortened trench shows off her ridiculously toned thighs and works with the length of her dress, and she's totally working the now-current athleisure style. Trendsetter!

6. When She Accessorized Well

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

When I'm running at the gym, I want to be wearing as little as possible — especially when it comes to jewelry. Williams doesn't just have a full mani: she's wearing a necklace, earrings, and a ring.

7. When She Was A Winner In Purple

Pool/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Known for flirting with the limits of the tournament's all-white dress code, Serena makes a statement with her pops of purple. The real star here (other than her championship, duh), is that cropped quilted moto jacket.

8. When She Went For Simple BodyCon

Jan Kruger/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Wimbledon cracked down on their dress code in 2014, so Williams complied and went for a minimalist, long-sleeve body con look that she could have just as easily worn for going out.

9. When She Went Sheer


This is maybe my favorite look of Serena's throughout the years: I live for a sheer dress with high-waisted bottoms and a crop top. I feel like this is her cheeky way of saying: "Well it is all white!"

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