An 11-Year-Old Removed Her Own Tooth With A Slingbow, Proving She Is More Badass Than Any Of Us

Everyone knows the old "tie a string to a doorknob" trick when it comes to yanking out loose teeth, but Alexis Campbell took it to a whole new level when the 11-year-old removed her own tooth with a slingbow. Yes, you read that right. A FREAKIN' SLINGBOW, combining two of the most badass activities known to man: archery and self-inflicted dental surgery. In comparison, I cried at the sight of the Novocaine needle when I had to get a filling last week, and they hadn't even stuck me with it yet.

Somehow I get the feeling that Campbell's father was behind the endeavor, considering he recorded, narrated, and put the whole thing up online (complete with slow-motion footage of the extraction, natch), but Campbell herself seemed pretty on board. Her reaction may have been a little different if the amateur surgery hadn't worked the first time, but apparently slingbows make for pretty excellent tooth extractions in addition to looking super awesome.

If you're interested in trying this yourself at home, I've compiled a step-by-step analysis of her technique for the layman. If you're squeamish, beware — things are about to get pretty gross.

(Please don't actually try this at home, no matter how tempting it is to imitate Campbell's badassery.)

Step 1: Smile for the camera as you quash down any nerves.

Step 2: Tie a string to your tooth and the arrow. You'll probably feel like a strange combination of amateur dentist and Robin Hood.


Step 4: Roar at the sky in celebration of your badass self. (Campbell didn't actually roar, but you get the idea.

Optional Step 5: Make a dash for some pain meds, because that probably hurt.

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Congratulations! You've now performed your first DIY tooth extraction.

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