11 Patriotic Tattoo Ideas In Honor of Independence Day

Last year, a friend of mine claimed to give about 10 patriotic tattoos in honor of Independence Day. This seemed alarmingly high to me. My first thought was, "Why doesn't my tattoo artist tattoo on holidays?" and my second thought was that my friend gave about 10 cheesy tattoos that he probably didn't want his name associated with. That wasn't the case, turns out there are plenty of cool patriotic tattoos you can get to honor America's Independence Day every day, for the rest of your life — and they aren't all bald eagles.

Luckily, if you are craving ink that's oozing with American pride, there are some great artists that can give you a unique piece of work that subtly says "I love America" without scaring the crap out of everyone who isn't an American. Being from New Hampshire, I can attest that I've seen some pretty scary "Don't Tread on Me" tattoos that have me avoiding all contact with a fellow inked up native. Sometimes the tattoos that stand out the most in beauty and power are the ones that are subtle reminders of our identity and memories. Of course, if you are serious about turning your back into a giant American flag, you can be sure that your pride will be heard loud and clear.

In honor of Independence Day, here are some great tattoo ideas for the patriot in you that aren't incredibly cheesy:

1. An Tribute to a Veteran

This tattoo of a grandfather's air force pin is totally dope and patriotic.

2. A Salute to the Flag

A salute to the flag has never been more permanent.

3. The Statue of Liberty

Whether you are based in NYC or not, nothing says freedom like the Big Apple...and this cityscape is incredibly well-done.

4. A Sleeve of Your Roots

I had to fan myself when I saw this hot piece of artwork — the native pride in this tattoo is contagious.

5. Country Outline

The detail and location make this tat a super cool idea.

6. Background Flags

This tattoo is awesomely done and a sweet tribute to the welders of America.

7. Native Skull

This native skull with dream catcher feathers is incredible and the location is perfection.

8. The Americas

I love the map of all the America's, the outline is beautiful and speaks volumes.

9. Fireworks

Nothing says the Fourth of July like Fireworks and these fireworks are pretty sweet.

10. The Liberty Bell

The pride on this liberty bell tattoo is heard loud and clear. Beautifully done.

11. A Compass

This compass tattoo is great for any explorer and a classic reminder of all the exploring still left to do.

Image: Deanna Wardin /Flickr; Instagram