Who Won Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest?

On Saturday, the world witnessed perhaps the largest upset in 2015. It was bigger than Seattle Seahawks coming from behind to defeat the Green Bay Packers in the AFC championship game; bigger than Rafael Nadal being knocked out of Wimbledon in the first week; and bigger than the Japan women's national soccer team beating out England for one of the two top spots in the FIFA Women's World Cup. No, none of that compares to competitive eater Matt Stonie winning the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest, defeating eight-time champion Joey Chestnut in the process. It was heartbreaking.

Chestnut was determined to clinch his ninth consecutive Nathan's title on Saturday, but he was finally out-eaten by a just-as-determined (and hungry) competitor. Stonie, a California native, won the competition by finishing 62 hot dogs in just 10 minutes, according to ESPN. Chestnut came up short, eating a total of 60 hot dogs — an impressive, but it looks like Chestnut was not hungry enough after nine long years of consuming an insane amount of hot dogs in an even more insane time frame.

Although Stonie usurped Chestnut's crown on Saturday, he did not break the competition's record, which was set by Chestnut himself. The Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest record still stands at a ridiculous 69 hot dogs. But from now on, let July 4, 2015, be known as the day Joe Chestnut went down.

An eagle-eyed competitor from the start, it's clear Stonie had an agenda Saturday, and he wasn't there to see a second-place outcome.

Of course, Chestnut didn't go down without a fight. After eight consecutive titles, you can't give your top-ranked spot away that easily. As the announcers noted, he's just like Tom Brady in that way — or he's just like Brady's inflated and deflated footballs, at the very least.

Here's to you, Matt Stonie and Joey Chestnut. Two American heroes who truly exemplify the legacy of 'MURICA.

Image: Getty Images