'Walking Dead' Themed Cruise Will Set Sail In January, Because Fans Are Dying For A Vacation That Will Haunt Their Dreams

Walking Dead fans, rejoice! The vacation of your dreams (or nightmares) has arrived. Norwegian Cruise Lines announced that a zombie-themed cruise inspired by the hit series and comic books will set sail from Miami to the Bahamas on January 15, 2016. This ghoulish getaway will be co-hosted by The Walker Stalkers, and they're experts in all things creepy — they host multiple horror and sci-fi conventions worldwide every year.

So what can you expect from this three-day cruise that costs between $750 and $4,000 per person? For starters, some of the show's stars will be in attendance, so they can provide a helping hand if a zombie apocalypse does happen to occur while you're on the high seas. Norman Reedus, Emily Kinney, Chandler Riggs, Sonequa Martin-Green, and Chad L. Coleman are among the cast members that have been confirmed, and the cruise's official website promises us more will be announced as the event approaches.

Like any cruise, there are plenty of activities to keep attendees busy. But instead of shuffleboard and paddle tennis, professional make-up artists will be on hand to make you look exactly like you just stepped off The Walking Dead set. You can also play zombie-themed games and attend live panels with the actors. And there's a costume contest, so save room in your suitcase to pack zombie-worthy attire next to your bathing suits.

If you need a break from the creepiness, there are more typical cruise activities available — bowling, a climbing wall, a casino, and a spa. The cruise ship holds 2,200 people, so if you dream of being terrorized by walkers with no escape other than jumping overboard (or, you know, taking a break in the ship's spa), you'd best book your spot on this relaxing cruise ASAP. If the event is a smashing success, perhaps the setting of future seasons will be the ocean.

Images: AMC; Giphy