Check Out These Patriotic Dogs

Independence Day is upon us, and all around these United States, people are celebrating — a barbecue here, a firecracker there, you know the deal. But it's not just us homo sapiens who can get in on the act — check out some of these patriotic dogs on your Fourth of July weekend, because you know you want to.

Throughout social media, various people have shown off their festively-dressed doggies, and it's as good a way as any to celebrate the occasion of America's independence. It's at least a better way than firing off fireworks or overindulging in salty meats — no health or wellness issues can possibly arise from admiring some fine, patriotically dressed pooches.

Obviously, there's a certain tongue-in-cheek angle to all this. It's not as if a dog gets to choose its attire, if indeed it's wearing any clothes at all. So in real terms, it's less about the patriotism of your pet than how eager you are to dress it up. But let's not kid ourselves — few things are as cute as an affectionate, fun-loving canine, so who wouldn't want to see some cute pictures? At the risk of sounding hackneyed, it's practically the American dream.

Interestingly enough, there was one dog who left an indelible mark on America's military history — Sergeant Stubby, the venerated war dog whose service in World War I earned him more honors than any other canine in U.S. history.

As detailed in an engrossing article by The Washington Post Saturday, Stubby — who defended American infantrymen from a gas attack, among other things, and was recognized by three U.S. presidents — was in fact promoted to the rank of Sergeant. In simple terms, even though there are accomplished modern-era war dogs, there may never be one who again rises to the level of public acclaim that Stubby did.

While fair-minded people might disagree, I don't think there's any more fantastic, well-deserved source of Americana than our collective love and admiration for the so-called "man's best friend" — although let's try to be a little less gender exclusive about it, huh? How about "human's best friend?"

That was pretty good, right? Aren't you glad you took the time to salute these noble beasts? Hopefully if you've got an adorable doggie in your life, you take the time to show them some extra love today.