Did Charlotte And George Wear The Same Gown?

Everything involving the monarchy will always employ a certain level of pomp and circumstance and Princess Charlotte's christening is no exception. And considering every detail of the ceremony is sure to hold deep significance to the family, it's no surprise that Charlotte wore the same Christening gown as Prince George. I mean, you didn't think the queen would commission a perfect replica of an over 160-year-old gown just to have it used a few times? OK, that actually sounds exactly like the sort of decadent thing that an official event for the royal family would entail. However, tradition trumps everything as the new princess has worn the world's fanciest hand-me-down at the christening on July 5th.

The #twinsies rumors have been swirling for a few weeks now and were confirmed when Will and Kate's youngest child wore the storied gown to be baptized with water from the family's heirloom pewter baptismal font. I thought I was a diva when it came to taking a refreshing little dip, but this setup seems pretty intense.

First worn in 2008, the royal christening gown was fashioned out of Honiton lace and was designed to perfectly mimic the one used in the baptism of the current princes and the Queen Mum herself. Since it's, you know, old (and fragile), the original is being preserved and stored by the family while the newer replica is in rotation.

Here's what Georgie looked like in the gown:

WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And here's the princess:

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cuteness overload, y'all. And proof that getting sibling hand-me-downs can actually be sort of rad.

Images: Getty Images