You'll Want To Steal Tink's "Millions" Style

by Jodie Layne

If you haven't already heard or heard of Chicago MC and singer Tink, you're missing out: Not only is her music fierce, compelling, and fun, but she's got some of the freshest style in the rap scene right now. This shows nowhere better than in Tink's video for "Millions" — her latest single, in which she rocks cult indie brands and proves that her style game is as solid as her flow.

MTV News asked Tink for the lowdown on her "Millions" style (put together by Kyle Luu and Sashon Burton) and she obliged with a video tour of her wardrobe rack. Clad in cult indie brands that are bound to make any cool kid jealous, Tink's style in the video is cutting edge and I just want to steal everything. From her iridescent moto jacket over a sequined top by Rihanna's favorite brand Di$count Univer$e, her all-black and head-to-toe leather look, and a shimmering neon poncho, Tink isn't shy of a trend or a color and her flawlessly eclectic mix has even my minimalist tongue wagging.

Fashion's in need of a new hip-hop kid in there to mix things up, and in a current fashion climate of minimalism, normcore, and athleisure, Tink's wearable "more is more" style is so refreshing. Here are all of the looks in the video, for your summer going out inspo:

1. Metallic Merbabe

The socks, the boots, the t-shirt dress, the seapunk-esque moto jacket: yes. All of it, yes.

2. Fire Escape Chill

You can't go wrong with a beanie and a side braid, but paired with red mesh and acid-wash jeans? Divine.

3. All Black Athleisure

How do you elevate the notoriously chill athleisure trend? Make your top cropped and embellished with hardware, sport a wire crown reminiscent of "7/11" Bey, and make it all leather.

4. Head Poncho

So, I'd probably want a pair of jean shorts to actually feel comfortable rocking this look in real life. However, Tink looks unreal in these mixed patterns, dish earrings, and a chic high pony. Dang.

Watch the full Millions video below:

Images: TinkVevo/Youtube