Rock Out With A Broken Leg? Dave Grohl Can Do It

Rock fans will recall that last month, Foo Fighters' lead singer Dave Grohl broke his leg. It was an injury that required surgery and caused the band to cancel the rest of their European tour. But on Saturday night, Foo Fighters made their grand comeback to the Washington, D.C. stage for the band's 20th anniversary, with Grohl rocking out with his injured leg. He had told fans last month on the band's blog that he needed to take it easy ever since he broke his leg and keep his healing limb elevated — so Grohl did exactly that. The rocker performed from a giant throne made of guitars and amps, where he sat, sang, and kept his leg upright. His doctor should be proud.

And yet, even while sitting down, Grohl and the other Foo Fighters definitely entertained the July 4 crowd at Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium. The singer seems to be recovering well from his injury, which occurred when he broke his fibula and dislocated his ankle during a concert on June 12 in Sweden. "Two songs into our set at Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg, I made a mad dash to the right of the stage during 'Monkey Wrench' to shred some tasty licks for the kids up front," he wrote on the Foo Fighters' blog at the time. "Well….wait for it….I definitely shredded something (ZING!) Wound up feet first over the Edge (pun intended), dropping about 12 feet, dislocating my ankle and snapping my fibula like an old pair of take out chopsticks. Whoopsie daisy."

So there went the rest of the band's European tour dates, which were canceled. "My doctors have advised me to lay low for a while," Grohl wrote. "The most important thing now is for me to recover from the surgery, to keep my leg elevated so as to keep swelling down and prevent any infection/complication that could do long term damage."

And Grohl did just that in a rock 'n' roll throne, complete with a leg elevator. It looked like it was still a fantastic time, though, proving injury cannot keep the Foo Fighters from giving their fans an amazing performance. Watch clips from the awesome concert below and be ready to be seriously impressed: