21 Darling Photos Of Girls Supporting The USWNT

The U.S. Women's National Soccer Team made it to the 2015 FIFA World Cup final, and while I'm totally excited about it, it's probably fair to say there are some smaller fans whose support is way more adorable than mine. These photos of young U.S. women's soccer fans are too cute for words. If there's anything that can make me feel a ton of pride for not only our nation but also for the future of women, it's a bunch of little girls watching, supporting, and enjoying women's sports, which are too often overlooked in favor of men's sports. A simple search of Twitter and Instagram is enough to make my heart burst with happiness at the many girls — and women — showing a lot of love for the USWNT.

Many of the photos were tagged with #IBelieve, as well as another hashtag even more fitting for young girls to show their support: #SheBelieves. The campaign #SheBelieves was developed by the USWNT players as "a message to young girls that they can accomplish all their goals and dreams," according to a U.S. Soccer news release. I think that message is coming through loud and clear, and these young girls are showing the women's soccer players how great of role models they are to our youngest generation. Take a look at these 21 precious photos of girls showing pride for their favorite team.

Oh, and if those weren't cute enough for you, here's a few adorable bonus photos:

Image: cshipman/Instagram (1)