U.S Women's World Cup Memes Are Here

The 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup Final was an incredible match. Sunday night, the U.S. faced off against Japan in what felt like a rematch of sorts, given the fact that the teams faced each other in the 2011 final in as well. Americans were hoping for a far different outcome than the 5-4 penalty scoring win last Women's World Cup, which saw Japan win their first championship. And a different outcome, they got, with a solid win cemented within the first 15 minutes of the match. But for the sake of friendly competition and because the internet only knows so many ways to celebrate sporting events, U.S. women's world cup memes are here to get fans pumped and help them celebrate.

The final game was held close enough to the U.S. in nearby Vancouver, Canada, that fans across the country made the trek to support the women's national team, despite the steep ticket prices. According to CNN Money, Sunday night's game will be the most expensive soccer match held in North America. The game couldn't have been held at a better, more patriotic time as well — just one day after Independence Day. The current crop of Women's World Cup memes definitely reflect that spirit, a majority of those memes with red, white, and blue backdrops, reminiscent of nationalistic propaganda posters.

What's really fantastic about U.S. Women's World Cup memes is the fact that they show just how beloved individual players are, which makes for a wholly charismatic team. Why compare goalie Hope Solo to a brick wall? Not because of the Commodores song "Brick House" but because of her athletic prowess. The dominating goalie barely allowed any goals the entire Women's World Cup tournament. Even Carli Lloyd's passion has been captured in meme form. Likewise, Alex Morgan's enthusiasm is being celebrated by, of all soccer fans, the Oakland Raiders.

The NFL team took out a full page ad in The Vancouver Sun, the paper of record where the final is being held. The ad is especially apt given its attached quote from beloved Raiders mastermind and former owner Al Davis, who would've turned 86 on the Fourth of July. Perhaps even better than celebrating America and Davis' birthday is the fact that midfielder Megan Rapinoe's birthday happens to fall on the day of the final, July 5. What a gift it was for her team to win the World Cup.

And of course, with Carli Lloyd's amazing goals, many memes focused on her and her feats (and called for her to be the woman on the $10 bill).

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