The Twitter Nation Is Stoked About The U.S. Win

What a weekend to celebrate the USA. This Independence Day weekend, the American pride kept on rolling after the U.S. and Japan went for the ultimate showdown in today's FIFA Women's World Cup. It was a game that had Americans re-lighting their sparklers and waving their leftover parade flags. And the Twitter reactions from the final World Cup game were worth all the build-up, especially seeing all the pride after the U.S. team defeated Japan 5-2.

After Japan defeated England in a 2-1 game Wednesday, it set up a final match with the U.S., who came out on top in the June 30 game against Germany. And the U.S. wasn't the only team rearing for a booming finish. Before today's game kicked off (har, har — bad pun), fans of both teams occupied Vancouver, British Columbia's downtown area and were ready for a pre-game celebration, according to The Province. Photos of both U.S. and Japan fans huddled in excitement made it clear that the day was one big party.

And the post-game reactions were an even bigger soiree. Twitter came alive with posts roaring with opinions and reaction shots that make anyone feel like they were right in the action — and make many thankful that they weren't. Because win or lose, Americans like a good shouting match, and social media cranks up the volume. Here are 31 tweets that celebrate the U.S. Women's National Team winning the 2015 Women's World Cup.