Here's How To Make Your Pedicure Last Longer

by Marisa Dalpiaz

Summer is here and our feet are free, which also means that it's time to up the ante on the maintenance and grooming of our feet. However, frequent trips to the nail salon are costly, and while it's nice to do your manicure and pedicure at home, they never last quite as long as they do when you get them done by a professional. If you're wondering how to make your pedicure last longer between appointments so you can save time and money, here are 12 easy ways to do it.

You will need a few tools, including a pumice stone, top coat, base coat, nail clipper, cuticle oil, and non-scented moisturizer. Most of these tips won't take you very long, and in the end, will save you more time!

Without further ado, here are 12 tips and tricks to make your pedicure last longer. Your wallet and social life can thank me later.

1. Keep Your Feet Smooth

Instead of spending your extra dough every couple of weeks having your callouses removed, invest in a pumice stone to regularly maintain your soft feet. This will prevent you having to pay for those expensive treatments at the salon when it's too late for a pumice stone. The better your feet look, the better your pedicure will look.

2. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Did I mention that you should moisturize? This is another step to your routine that will help make your pedicure look better. Moisturizing your feet can make your pedicure look brand new because it keeps your skin and cuticles soft and hydrated.

3. Cuticle Oil, Ladies!

Cuticle oil doesn't just keep your feet soft and moisturized. It also keeps your nail polish from chipping.

4. Don't Forget Your Top Coat

In a rush, we often forget to put on our top coat. This is a majorly important step if you want your nails to maintain high shine and luster. Some nail salons may use thinners to make their topcoats last longer and if you suspect that's the case, make sure you reapply your own topcoat at home for added strength and shine.

5. Cover Up

Yes, the idea of choosing a cute polish is to show it off, but constantly exposing your feet to the elements can lead to your polish cracking, chipping off, or even fading due to sun exposure.

6. Avoid Too Much Heat

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Nail polish takes about twelve hours to harden. Too much heat can actually melt your polish. I know a lot of girls who use a hair dryer to help dry their nails at home, but you should be doing the opposite! If you stick your nails in the freezer for a few minutes, it will actually help harden your nail polish faster.

7. BYOB - Bring Your Own Bottle

A lot of nail salons use thinners in their bottles of nail polish to make them last longer, which obviously won't help your pedicure last longer. If you wear newer, fresher polish, it's more likely to last longer. If you are not sure if your nail salon uses thinners, it's probably a good idea to bring your own bottle.

8. Don't Use Scented Lotions

If you like scented body lotions, beware! Synthetic fragrances can cause your nail polish to crack. Make sure that the lotions you are using to moisturize are unscented.

9. Be Free For 8-12 Hours

I know I said to keep your feet protected from the elements, but about eight to twelve hours after you get your pedicure, keep your feet free so that you don't risk smudging your polish. Remember your nails may be dry, but they don't really harden for almost twelve hours.

10. Avoid Dipping Your Toes

Dipping your toes in the pool might make the lifespan of your pedicure much shorter. Chlorine can cause your polish to crack, resulting in more trips to the salon. So if you're really passionate about keeping your polish fresh, spend more time poolside instead of taking a dip.

11. Be All About That Base (Coat)

Don't forget your base coat! It helps to give the color something to sink into besides your actual nails.

12. Go Darker

Make sure to keep a bottle of polish that is a shade darker than the original color you used for your pedicure. That way, when it starts to chip, you can go over your older pedicure with the darker color. This will help touch up your pedicure and lengthen its life.

Image Credit: Antony Caldaroni/Flickr