Fans React To Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher's Alleged Wedding With Excitement, So The Pair Better Have Really Gotten Married

They've gone from hangin' out down the street, the same old things they did last week, to walking down the aisle — if the rumors are to be believed. That's right, according to PEOPLE, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis got married in a private ceremony in California over the weekend, and we all missed it. This alleged wedding has been a long time in coming for many people, who fell in love with the couple when they rekindled their onscreen love off-screen years after That 70's Show, and then had Wyatt Kutcher. Now fans are reacting to the rumor of Kutcher and Kunis' wedding with joy, excitement, and relief, almost as if they felt personally victimized by the fact that the pair hadn't married yet. (Then again, I feel personally victimized by the fact that we don't know for sure if they were married over the weekend or not, so I suppose I understand.)

Kunis and Kutcher are relationship goals for many people, and the fact that they seem so genuinely in love, on top of seeming to have so much fun around together, are just enough to make you feel an intense sort of FOMO. While we wait for the pair to confirm the ceremony, or for pictures from the wedding to emerge onto the Internet, we've got nothing else to do but decide how we feel about the fact that their wedding finally, finally, finally maybe happened.

If the Internet is any indication of the wider public's opinion, then we definitely feel pretty good about it.

Forever & Ever

Your faves could never.

We're All Happy

Even though we weren't invited.

Let's Be Real, Though

And don't even get me started on Fez and Jackie...

They're Like Kittens & Bunnies

Having a bad day? Have some Kutcher and Kunis.

Logan Echolls Would Be Jealous

But does it span continents? Is there bloodshed?

Getting Cosmic About This

Heck, I'm over the Milky Way Galaxy.


All the love.

No, Seriously, Finally

We've been waiting forever for this alleged moment.

And That One Hater

Statistically, there always has to be one.

Whether you're pleased that Kutcher and Kunis have finally tied the knot, don't care that Kutcher and Kunis have tied the knot, or hate that Kutcher and Kunis have tied the knot, there's only one question left on everyone's minds: did they really get married or what? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.