How It Feels To Stand Behind An Indecisive Person

I really admire patience in people. It truly is a virtue—one I sadly have to be deliberate to ever have, even occasionally. The ultimate test in patience, though, might be standing in line behind an indecisive person. Especially at lunch. That's brutal, y'all.

Honestly, I have trouble relating to indecisive people. I like to blame my impatience for that one, but ultimately—and I truly believe this—most decisions are pretty arbitrary. You weren't sure on directions and tried left but realized you should have turned right? No big deal, that's what U-turns are for. Maybe you visited an ice-cream shop and felt torn between rocky road and mint chocolate chip. Honestly, how much lasting life impact would be possible by just rolling the dice on flavor choice? Probably none, only a small amount of fleeting resentment because damn, coffee flavor would have been another strong flavor contender.

I know many people value weighing their options and frankly I'd probably be a lot happier if I learned to temper my impatience. But when there's a line involved—as in, people are waiting on you—it's time to speed up the decision process. It's not only annoying, but wasting time in line agonizing over decisions is plain rude.

You can identify this indecisive person first by the way they scope:

It's like a swift halt in the flow of the line. You're cruising along then, boom. Roadblock. An indecisive person. Cool. But then they budge, just a bit.

For a moment. Then it's right back to their suffocating indecision and distancing you even further from meeting and eating your lunch. But, of course, we all have a breaking point.

Because the line must move on, guys. Just pick a sandwich. It really doesn't matter.

See the whole video below:

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