Where Did Mila & Ashton Get Married?

Unless you just rolled out of bed, you’ve probably heard Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher reportedly got married over July 4 weekend. The duo made That ’70s Show fans everywhere believe in true love as the former co-stars (who already share an adorable daughter, Wyatt)finally got married, according to People. But where did the love birds tie the knot? Us Weekly reports the top secret nuptials were held at The Secret Garden at Parrish Ranch in Oak Glen, Calif. The gorgeous locale looks like it was ripped straight out of the pages of a fairy tale — Kunis’ ’70s Show alter ego Jackie would definitely approve. Bustle has reached out to Kunis and Kutcher’s reps for comment, but has not yet heard back.

The couple clearly have some mad secret agent skills they have been keeping on the down-low because their wedding was not an impromptu Vegas event or even a ritzy, whisk all your friends away on a private jet affair. They apparently picked a relatively hot venue for California weddings, but aside from rumors here and there, the press was kept largely in the dark as Kutcher and Kunis prepared to say I do. In fact, according to Hollywood Life, it seems most invitations to the wedding did not go out until less than 24 hours before the ceremony.

The Secret Garden is a stunning venue for a wedding, and one that is so effortlessly gorgeous, the happy couple probably didn't have to do much more than show up with their close friends and family to exchange vows. Celebrity couples who are looking for a quiet, out of the way place to hold their nuptials should totally take note because The Secret Garden staff obviously commit to the "secret" part of their name. As for Kunis and Kutcher, aside from Kunis being spotted with her gal pals getting her nails done, there were no hints that Independence Day weekend would be so special for the happy couple.

Speaking of, they get extra bonus points for picking such a busy weekend. While the paparazzi have been waiting for Kunis and Kutcher to say their vows so they can grab the perfect photo, the couple went and picked a crazy, busy holiday weekend. With so much hustle and bustle going on in Hollywood, it had to be easier than usual to slip away undetected (ditto for the guests, who could easily say they were going to a party).

The pièce de résistance of the couple's wedding coup was Kunis' perfect answer to James Cordon's marriage question way back in March. Kunis let Cordon and the audience believe she and Kutcher were already married. Who would suspect a wedding when the couple already appeared to be legally wed? That's why Kunis gets paid the big bucks, people.

Bravo to both of them! They seem to have pulled off an epic wedding caper by using misdirection and a national holiday to throw the paparazzi off their scent. In the end, their cool machinations ensured their special day was private and intimate. Hopefully, the newlyweds are busy enjoying their new husband and wife status with little Wyatt. Once the afterglow wears off they should totally start planning a married spies movie, because their mad covert operations skills should not go to waste.

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