Why You Should Be Using Dry Shampoo On Wet Hair

by Emily McClure

We all know that dry shampoo can be a life saver on days when a full shower is just not happening. However, did you know that you can use dry shampoo on wet hair? It's true! Using the powdery mist to wet locks can actually give your hair a sexy look with very little effort. In fact, celebrity stylist, Michael Dueñas swears by the trick. In a recent interview with, the stylist mentions that he has been using this trick for years to create airy volume. Some of his clients with amazing hair include Connie Britton, Beyonce, and Victoria's Secret models, so you know this has to be good.

Wondering how it works? Think of it like this: Dry shampoo is meant to soak up excess oils, so if applied to damp hair it acts a binder on the strands creating fuller looking hair. This is great for when you want volume without looking like you used any product. Completely genius! Dueñas mentions that this is perfect for building body due to the properties in the dry shampoo. Basically, the product doesn't have hold like a hairspray, so it just adds body-building properties and texture. This is what allows for that effortless airy look. Here are a few easy steps on how to use dry shampoo on wet hair to create easy volume.

Step 1: Start with damp hair

According to Dueñas, this trick works best when hair is about 90 percent dry. I suggest towel-drying your hair post-shower before you get started.

Step 2: Apply an aerosol dry shampoo

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Working from root to tip, spray on a healthy dose of dry shampoo. Dueñas mentions that aerosol works best as it distributes the product more evenly.

Step 3: Brow dry

Blow dry as you normally would in order to seal in the dry shampoo, and finish off your hairstyle.

Step 4 (optional): Hair spray

As mentioned, dry shampoo really doesn't offer any hold for your volume. To make the effortless style last all day, add just a touch of hairspray to your roots.

Images: Pixabay (1)