6 Times Jackie & Kelso Predicted Their Future IRL

One of my favorite clichés that I throw out on the regular is that art imitates life. The recent marriage of Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis allows me to use my favorite adage again but in reverse, as life has imitated art in the form of our favorite That '70s Show couple getting married in real life. Ashton and Mila have kept their wedding details under wraps so the time has come to examine their fictional relationship instead and revisit all the times Jackie and Kelso talked marriage on That '70s Show.

Ashton and Mila singlehandedly give 'shippers everywhere hope that, while your favorite couple might not be together now, someday in the very distant future, they will get together and have babies and get married and make all your weird fanboy/fangirl dreams come true.

Real talk though, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis seem very happy in the wake of their July 4th nuptials and I know they have an incredible group of fans behind them rallying for their enduring success and happiness in their relationship. Let's hope that their relationship in real life is just a touch more functional than their fictional one on That '70s Show. Jackie and Kelso forever!

That Time They Discussed China Patterns

... And Jackie revealed her, umm, unique tastes.

That Time They Talked About Forever (and Babies)

I wish them the happiest of forevers.

That Time Jackie and Kelso Got Engaged

In the Season 4 finale, in a random and impromptu turns of events, Jackie and Kelso end up engaged (much to Kelso's chagrin) and so, of course, Kelso flees.

That Time They Discussed Wedding Transportation

It seems like they must've found a reliable ride to their wedding in real life.

That Time They Beat Donna and Eric in The Newlyweds Game

Though they weren't quite newlyweds at this time, they might as well have been with how bad they stomped Donna and Eric in a cutthroat round of The Newlyweds Game.

That Time They Had Some Dope Reception Ideas

I'm with Kelso on this one.

Images: Fox; 70s-show-diary, jackieandkelso/Tumblr; Giphy