A Meme For All Sleepless Roommates Everywhere

I have definitely been kept awake by noisy roommates before. You know the type: They come home at 3am on a Wednesday and decide that's a great time to throw an impromptu house party. Yeah well, joke's on you, because I have to get up for work in 4 hours, which is roughly one hour after you go to bed—and you better believe I'm going to blast music, sing at the top of my voice, and vacuum the entire house. Maybe I'll even hang that picture I've been meaning to hang, but I'll need to bang some nails into the wall with a hammer first. The Tanisha Thomas meme encapsulates this vindictive nature, so I truly sympathize with Tanisha , who threw a fit when her housemates kept her awake on Bad Girls Club way back in 2007. Her pan-smashing dance and scream-song to are kind of iconic now, even if you never actually saw the show. You get it.

The world, it seems (and when I say "world" I really mean "Internet") has just cottoned on to the fact that Tanisha's song and dance is always on beat, no matter what song it's paired with. Yes, Tanisha is basically Beyonce. Just in case you're not familiar with the original, here's how it went down:

And now, people are getting behind Tanisha, pairing her dance to music:

But the best aspect of this, by far, is that people are recreating the meme themselves:

1. This genius who paired Tanisha's moves with DMX and leopard print

2. This girl with amazing pants

3. Wait, forget the pants, it's all about this onesie:

4. Actually no, look at this spectacular mumu:

There's plenty of these popping up all over Instagram, you can look for mine next time my elephant neighbors come home drunk in the middle of the night on a work day.