Aerial Footage Of July 4th Fireworks Shot By A Drone Beats All Your Fireworks Videos

I know we’re all sick of all the fireworks photos and videos clogging our Instagram feeds, but bear with me because you probably haven’t seen the fireworks video to end all fireworks videos yet. DRT Nation got some awesome aerial footage of fireworks shot with a drone, and I'll just say it: It definitely beats all your friends’ lame ground-level footage. Trust me. It's definitely, definitely worth it.

DRT Nation, which stands for Doing Ridiculous Things, does as its name suggests: It films people doing ridiculous things like jumping off of cliffs (you know, casual stuff), and then puts the videos up on YouTube for us all to enjoy.

If nothing else, this video just proves that time and time again, you can make anything better with a drone. Is the ability to buy pretty much anything you want off of Amazon delivered straight to you in two days not good enough? Throw in a drone for instant delivery, and watch the world lose its mind. Is your regular ol’ pizza delivery driver too boring? Replace them with a drone. Isn’t technology amazing? If this video doesn’t convince you that drones are the future, and that the future has arrived, I don’t know what will.

Take a look at some of the stunning images the drone captured.

Okay, this is awesome.

Is it bad that I kind of want a drone now?

It's like I'm inside the fireworks!

Truly amazing.

Watch the whole video below for more gorgeous shots of fireworks, with a bit voiced over by Morgan Freeman. What could be better? The answer is nothing. Nothing could be better.

DRT Nation on YouTube

Images: DRT Nation/YouTube (3)