'BB17' Clay & Shelli Are The Cutest Showmance Ever

Remember two weeks ago when I thought I was gonna be able to go the whole summer without watching Big Brother no problem? And then I found out there was a Twin Twist and spent every waking hour catching up, and now I'm obsessed with the show on every level? Yeah, it was a real roller coaster for me, too. I started out thinking I knew whom I was going to like on the season (Audrey), and who was going to annoy the crap out of me (Meg and Shelli), and then completely reversing on both counts because OMG AUDREY. Now, I'm utterly sucked into, and embarrassingly fond of, Shelli's showmance with Clay on Big Brother 17. Honestly I don't even recognize myself anymore.

But! I've decided to embrace it, and the fact that my first impressions of these people were very very wrong. (Guess I'm just lucky to be on the outside of the house instead of the inside, where mis-judgements like this might've already gotten me evicted.) But, anyway, I'm pretty sure that Clay and Shelli are not only the cutest thing on BB17, but also the most adorable showmance of all time — OF ALL TIME — and I have eight little factoids prepared to prove it.

1. It Was Love At First Sight

Or even before first sight. When we saw each of them packing, Clay was fantasizing about a date-able older lady in the house, and Shelli was educating us on the fact that a cougar in her 30s is known as a "puma," and that she totally is one. And then they first gleamed those bright white smiles at each other, and it was all over.

2. It's Not Your Average Age Difference

I get so used to older guys getting it on with younger girls, so it's totally refreshing to see Shelli, 33, and Clay, 23, so openly attracted to each other with a 10 year age gap in the opposite direction.

3. We Haven't Seen Them Fool Around

Doesn't mean they haven't, just means I haven't seen it, which suggests they're taking things a bit more slowly rather than hooking up right away and then getting to know each other.

4. They Trust Each Other Completely

Even though they both talk game with other people, in pretty much their first conversation, these two both committed to tell each other things other people don't know, and never to share anything the other person told them. That's deep, yo.

5. ... But They Never Dirtied It Up With A Word Like "Alliance"

It's still pretty clear that at the end of the day, Clay and Shelli (Shellay? Chelli?) value their own relationship over winning the game, which isn't the wisest gameplay move, but will certainly serve them as a couple going forward.

6. They're Both Just So Pretty

I mean, come on. They're like real-life Barbie and Ken dolls, with the sunny Southern personalities to match.

7. There's A Mutual Respect

I loved hearing Clay say how good it made him feel that Shelli respected his judgement enough to sneakily change the plan with him to get Da'Vonne out instead of Audrey, whom Becky is targeting. They lean on each other as romantic partners and game players, with both of their opinions mattering equally, which is the best.

8. There's A Little Gender Role Reversal Going On

Shelli was Head of Household last week, and was looking for someone to throw the Battle of the Block competition with Da'Vonne, and Clay kept throwing his name in. But Shelli's the one with the power, so she chose to reject his offer and protect him. Very alpha of her. Here's hoping Clay and Shelli's showmance lasts the whole season, because I'm already 'shipping it.

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Image: CBS