This Coffee Art Printer Is Every Hipster's Dream

by Lara Rutherford-Morrison

Here’s a gadget that could make all of those pictures of coffee that your friends post on Instagram a little more interesting: A machine that prints high-quality images on coffee. Called “Ripples,” this coffee art printer uses “tiny coffee bean drops” to create detailed pictures on foam on lattes, cappuccinos, and other fancy schmancy drinks. According to an introductory video from the product’s developer, the Ripple Maker is a three-part product that involves the machine, the product’s website, and a cell phone app. The maker comes loaded with a variety of image options, but users can also go online and make their own “ripples,” which can include both images and text. The product seems to be primarily geared toward coffee shops, but customers can also make ripples using a mobile app, and can even connect to the Ripple Maker via Facebook.

A recent video from Ripples shows what happened when six coffee shops tested the machine for a week. Most people seem pretty happy about their personalized coffee, and, of course, many of them whip out their phones to take coffee selfies. Tell me, is the logical next step of this process an Instagram/coffee art printer mash up, so that people can have their coffee selfies printed on their coffee? And then they can take coffee selfies of themselves holding coffee with a coffee selfie printed on it, and then they can take another coffee selfie of a coffee selfie of a coffee selfie, and then we’ll know that we have entered Instagram nirvana.

Here are just a few of the useful things you can do with a coffee art printer:

Say "Good morning":

Be a coffee superhero:

Be a fan:

Remind people not to forget their moms' birthdays:

Hit on people:

Add Miley Cyrus to your morning routine:

See what else the machine can do in the video below:

Images: YouTube (7)