Is Jared From This Season Of 'The Bachelorette' Single? His Life Currently Seems To Involve A Lot Of Bonding With His Pet

I think I may have been wrong about the way things turn out for Jared on The Bachelorette. Let me explain. I've been watching Kaitlyn Bristowe's season, naturally, as anyone who values quality television has been doing, and I've been talking a really big game about Jared Haibon. In case your TV fell in a well, or you've been trapped by something heavy for the past few weeks (the only two excuses I'll accept for not being up-to-date on the show), Jared is the 26 year old restaurant manager from Rhode Island with the angular face, dark features, and scraggly beard whom I was pretty sure would be the last one standing at the end. But now I'm wondering if Jared from The Bachelorette is single.

I don't mean to say that he was my favorite, because OMG, Shawn, please, but something about the way Jared and Kaitlyn were so relaxed around each other, how open he was about his feelings for her, the way she laughed at his jokes, and the fact that he wasn't intimidated when Nick Viall joined the competition, all contributed to making me feel like it was a done deal. He wasn't my type, but he seemed like her type, especially because I was fairly confident that the competition was gonna be too much for Shawn, and he was gonna walk.

But the weeks have gone by, and that hasn't happened, and Shawn is looking more and more like a lock for the finale, so it's time for me to reevaluate — especially now that I've seen the amount of crying in the preview for the Jul. 6 episode. Nary a dry eye in the house, and Jared seems to get hit particularly hard with emotion. So, for that reason, I started digging around in his social media looking for clues. I'm pretty confident by this point that he doesn't end up with Kaitlyn, but does that mean he's single all together? And what is he up to? Come along with me on a journey to find out.

Nothing says "I'm single" like watching yourself on reality TV with your pet... and having it be quiet enough in the room that the pup can fall asleep. Doesn't point to a loud and raucous party.

Most of his photos are of him either alone or with other dudes, so, if there is a lady in his life in the moment, she's staying carefully behind the scenes. (Kinda doubt there is, though.)

Or it'll be him and a larger group of women and men, but he always makes it clear that they're just friends.

Oh and the one time he did show up with a girl? It was one of the producers of The Bachelorette. So I think it's pretty clear that he doesn't have anyone in his life at the moment. Which I guess is good news if you're near Rhode Island, and he's your favorite! He might be looking for a shoulder to cry on once the next episode airs. Just a guess.

Image: ABC