11 Denim Skirts That Are So '90s You'll Feel Like You're In An Episode Of 'Sister Sister'

The '90s was arguably the decade of the rise and fall of fashion's trendiest trends ever. But out of all the fashion trends from this great 10-year span, denim skirts from the '90s were my absolute favorite. Everyone and their mother wore denim skirts when I was a child, and I miss those times dearly.

I remember my first day of elementary school like it was yesterday because every girl had on a denim skirt... except for me. Even though I was late with catching on to the denim skirt trend in the '90s, I am not late with the resurgence now. Denim skirts are back and hotter than ever this time around. And what is greater still is that major fashion brands are appropriating this major '90s trend to provide us with a large variety of denim skirt options.

From light wash to dark wash, distressed to embroidered, denim skirts come in a variety of lengths and shades. Plus, there are even denim skirts with sunflowers, patchwork, and other embellishments on them that will make you have major '90s flashbacks. There is a perfect denim skirt for everyone out there in this world. I like to call it 50 Shades of Denim Skirts.

Here are just 11 denim skirts that will make all the '90s kids reminisce about the good old days:

1. Cherry Bomb

Blue Cherry Embroidered Fringe Denim Skirt, $17, Shein

Embroidered denim skirts were my all-time favorite in elementary school. I was so obsessed that I even begged my mom to let me wear one in December (I lived in Chicago). Nevertheless, I now get to relive my childhood favorite and I am obsessing over it. The cherry embroidering on this skirt is so adorable and would add a punch of fun to anything you pair it with.

2. Washed Black Denim

ASOS Curve Denim Mom Skirt In Washed Black, $38, ASOS

If you never thought any clothing item with the word "mom" in its name could be trendy, please think again. This denim skirt is beautiful simply because it is black. It will go with anything in your closet and is so easy to style. This is perfect for the ladies who are on the fence with attempting the denim skirt trend.

3. Button Front

Tall Button Front Denim Skirt, $52, Top Shop

This skirt is all about having a party in the front. The all-white number is so simple yet will still have you standing out from the crowd. The button detailing is very retro, which I love the most.

4. Blue Pockets

ROMWE Blue Pockets Ripped Denim Skirt, $12, Romwe

Every time I see a distressed denim skirt, I instantly flash back to the '90s grunge trend that all the teenagers loved back then. No worries, you do not have to fully commit to the grunge trend to wear this skirt.

5. Split Front

ASOS Curve Split Front Denim Pencil Skirt, $38, ASOS

Split front denim skirts were another fan-favorite for most Millennials growing up. This skirt just gives country vibes, which is awesome for the ladies who want to switch up their style while living in a big city. Embrace your inner Southern belle, ladies!

6. Sunflowers

MSGM Embellished Denim Skirt, $290, Moda Operandi

This skirt will give you all of the flower power you need and more. With a mix of '70s and '90s themes, this number is for the people who love to wear retro looking pieces that leave folks talking. Even if you typically don't wear embellished clothing, you cannot deny the beauty of this denim skirt.

7. So Distressed

2020 Skirt, $110, Revolve Clothing

'The more distressed, the better," is my life motto. If you love shredded denim, this will be a great addition to your closet. I can already envision ladies on the street rocking this skirt with a denim shirt for the perfect denim on denim look. I just might do it myself.

8. A-Line

ASOS Curve Dolly Denim A-Line Button Through Mini Skirt in Mid-Wash Blue, $24, ASOS

This is not your standard denim skirt. This A-line piece will make you look über curvy without you even having to try. Everyone wins when it comes to this skirt.

9. Chambray

Ellen Fisher Gathered Chambray Skirt, $168, Nordstrom

I bet you will not be sweating in this skirt. This denim skirt is made with chambray material, which is way lighter than normal denim. This means you can rock this skirt when it is 100 degrees out and you will still be able to catch a breeze. Plus, the skirt has an elastic waistband, which is great for those of us who like to eat rather large lunches and dinners.

10. Polka Dots

Kenzo Denim Skirt, $132, The Corner

Polka dots were another favorite print of mine while growing up. If you loved polka dots when you were younger as well, this skirt is probably making your heart flutter right now. The line design with the polka dots makes this denim skirt stand out even more.

11. Midi Skirt

Alice and You Button Through Denim Skirt, $17, ASOS

I never knew I could fall in love with a midi denim skirt until now. With perfectly crafted buttons in the front, this skirt is a true stunner. It's the great twist to the standard '90s denim skirt that almost everyone knows and love. So glad to have you back, denim skirt!

Images: Courtesy Brands