Suki Waterhouse Is Redken's Muse And Shares Her Secrets To Get Her Enviable, Golden Locks

Supermodels definitely learn a lot of cool hair and makeup tricks — but that doesn't always mean they're good at applying them themselves. Suki Waterhouse is Redken's muse, but fabulous hair aside, she admits she's terrible at cutting her own. Thank goodness for hair stylists!

The British model's covetable blonde hair has earned her the title of Redken's newest muse, partnering with the brand on ventures such as the Glow Dry ads, but Waterhouse admits that though she needs some help when it comes to her hair, she's still game to experiment. “I cut my own hair a lot … and I’m always terrible at it!" she told PEOPLE Magazine.

Hair stylist she might not be, but that doesn't mean she hasn't learned some useful tips from the pros. Suki reveals that for silky and shiny hair, she loves to put the Glow Dry blow dry oil on her hair when it's damp and then blow dry it. As for makeup, she uses Vaseline under her brows, eyelids, and cheek bones to add a bit of sheen.

Though her hair is blonde, curled, and voluminous for her Redken ads, that doesn't mean Suki isn't game to change things up. “I really would like an undercut. I would love to try it all,” she said. “Dye it pink!"

Yeah, she could pull off just about any look she wants.

Images: Getty Images; BritishVogue/Twitter, pretareporter/Twitter