13 YA Author Collaborations that Prove 2 Heads Are Better Than One

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This month two collaborative novels from popular YA authors are hitting the shelves. Amie Kaufman, author of the upcoming Illuminae trilogy, and Meagan Spooner, who wrote the recent Skylark trilogy, met online and have traveled the world together in the past several years, despite Kaufman living in Australia and Spooner in North Carolina. Their novel These Broken Stars hits the shelves December 10, the first in a companion trilogy called Starbound that's set in a corporation-run galaxy and is part love story, part science fiction.

Not to be outdone, Sara Zarr, a National Book Award finalist for Story of a Girl, is releasing a book this month with The Pursuit of Happiness author Tara Altebrando called Roomies. The novel centers around two girls — with each author writing from one of their perspectives — who find out that they are going to be college roommates.

Collaborative YA novels aren't just a short-lived trend. Kaufman, Spooner, Zarr, and Altebrando are only joining the long list of YA authors who seek to prove that sometimes two (or three) heads can be better than one when it comes to writing a book. There are husband-and-wife, best friend, and even mother-daughter collaborations. And it's clear that David Levithan has a seriously long list of YA novelist friends.

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman, $10, Amazon | Skylark by Meagan Spooner, $11, Amazon

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