7 Celebs Who Handled "Marilyn Moments" Gracefully

After her successful spread in Vogue Brazil, Kim Kardashian has officially been out Marilyn-ed. Avenger’s actress Elizabeth Olsen had a Marilyn Monroe moment during Paris Fashion Week Saturday when a French wind swept up her navy skirt as she was posing for photos at the Miu Miu Club‘s fragrance launch and 2016 collections cruise. Not only was the scene something out of Billy Wilder’s iconic The Seven Year Itch in which Monroe’s white halter dress lifted over her knees, Olsen’s toothy grin and “oops” facial expressions were all-too familiar.

I spent a long weekend in Manhattan last October for my birthday with my boyfriend. The game plan was to lose ourselves in Central Park that Saturday afternoon before getting ready to head over to Broadway that evening. The fall weather felt like something out of a movie. The sun was shining, temperatures stayed within the mid sixties and I was comfortable in a floral maroon skirt and black sweater.

While walking under an under-construction building, I absent mindedly walked over a grate, whose blowing air sent my skirt flaring up. I was mortified.

How Olsen was able to stifle a laugh and look graceful during these nerve-wrecking Marilyn Monroe-esque moments is beyond me, and surprisingly, she's not the only one. Check out seven celebs who handled their Marilyn Monroe moment like champs.

1. Kate Upton

I can guarantee that hearty laugh was not a nervous reflex. Kate Upton is confident enough to laugh at her own awkward moments.

2. Jessica Alba

Cool, calm, and collected. Just keep the skirt in check and everything will be fine. Note the concentration.

3. Camilla Duchess of Cornwall

Forget the dress, save the hat!

4. Ariana Grande

She's pretty much the most adorable human.

5. Kate Middleton

I'm not even positive she knew this was happening, but look how nonchalant she is about the whole ordeal. How to act royal when your skirt flies up, 101.

6. Taylor Swift

Marilyn to a tee.

7. Lea Michele

No big!

These ladies are just so poised.

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